Entreprenuer by day
fights crime at night

I turn ideas into profitable businesses.

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Eight years ago, I was bitten by a bug – not the kind that gives you superpowers (sadly), but the kind that pushes you forward into the entrepreneurial unknown. Three successful companies later, I’m ready for a new challenge.

Why hire me?


Extensive experience in key areas of business management - 8 years and counting...

  • Founder of 3 profitable startups:
  • Manager of teams of up to 25 professionals in development, design, and marketing
  • Provide full life cycle management of mobile and web applications
  • Strong UI/UX skills
  • Forge strong business partnerships and employee relationships


Strong communication and technology skills

Education Bachelor of Engineering, Information Technology Education evaluated by World Education Services

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International English Language Test System Evaluates reading, listening, writing, speaking skills

IELTS Score - 8/9

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Intelligent use of data to drive product improvements

If I’m not collecting and using data to inform my decisions, I’ve probably been kidnapped and replaced by a body double. Knowing what data to study and how to implement changes accordingly is one of the most crucial skills I’ve developed.

I’ve worked to compliment that with ‘soft skills’ - building relationships with customers, providers, and employees - while keeping a close eye on real information about the product we’re working on.

Want to know how I improved merchant acquisition costs and onboard time by 53% and 42%, respectively, at my previous company?

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